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Bernard Buffet

The Domaine de la Baume was the last home of Bernard Buffet and was a tremendous source of inspiration for the painter.

...And on the easel sat our “home”. Bernard had decided to paint some landscapes and interior views of it, like a meticulous portrait of someone you love... He wanted to capture its atmosphere and beauty, possibly to explain the love that inspires him. A love that voluptuously expresses itself in each of these paintings... Bernard, an extremely sensitive man, seems in this exceptional place to have a found a place of refuge, sheltered from a society whose violence offends him, where he can reconnect with his passion for painting, his liking for a quiet life, and above all, with his quest for serenity.”

Annabel Buffet – extracts from the preface of the catalogue published for the exhibition “Home” in February 1998 at the Maurice Garnier Gallery.


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Bernard Buffet's lithographs exhibition at the Domaine de la Baume from May, 8th to October, 31st 2015 in partnership with the Estades Gallery.